Our specialised ECONOMIX premix distribution from the company VitaVis GmbH has existed since 1999.
We offer:
  • Economix premixures, concentrates and mineral feed
  • Feed additives
  • Large number of trade products
  • By-products from the food industry
  • Specialty products
  • Know-how, service and support

Check out our product range on our website or contact us directly - to make your feed plant a masterpiece!


Sales meets Production

The Economix sales team invited the colleagues from Production to dinner.
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2nd HYBRIMIN® Event in January 2016

Since our first HYBRIMIN® Workshop greatly appealed to our customers, there was our second HYBRIMIN® Workshop on the 21st of January 2016 in Melle.
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HYBRIMIN® Event in Melle

The Economix Team organized a HYBRIMIN® Workshop for their customers in Melle on the 4th of March 2015.
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